Cookie Fundraisers For Cancer

Cookie for a cure

A quick and easy approach to make money is by selling cookies or cookie dough. On every item you sell for your cookie sale, you can donate the profits to your favorite cancer cause.

Everyone loves a good cookie but especially a home made cookie!

Pick a charity, hospital or research organization

Which nonprofit will you donate the proceeds of your cookies for a cause cancer event?

Will it be a childrens hospital like St. Judes?

Or will it will be for a specific kind of cancer research?

Here are the top cancers that kids face:

  • Leukemia
  • Brain cancer
  • Central nervous system (CNS) tumors
  • Lymphoma.

Contact the charity and let them know you want to fundraise for them. They will give you further directions on how to make your donation.

Best time to run your event

Although you can hold your cookie fundraising event at any time, these events are most effective when they take place around holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Easter. You can raise more money by selling themed cookies to your fans.

You can fund your fundraising event in a few different way.

Bakery fundraising:

Ask your friendly neighborhood bakery if they would be willing to supply cookies for your fundraiser. You might enter into a continuing arrangement with your bakery if you intend to host your event more than once. You can arrange to through the local newspaper to advertize your sale and get the bakery free publicity.

You can get day old cookies at a discount. This way you can earn more profit.

Additionally, you can also place pre-orders for cookies, which allows you to receive a percentage of the profits you negotiate with the bakery.

Make sure you have boxes and bags for your supporters to carry their cookies home in if you choose to run your fundraiser this way. Think about putting a flyer in the bags or taped to the box that thanks them for their purchase in helping find a cure for cancer.

Traditional bake sale

Ask the parents in the neighborhood if they would like to contribute to the cookie sale. They can individually bake the cookies for your cander research fund. Keep things simple buy keeping it to three flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and butter cookies. This way you can assign the family to make one kind of cookie flavor variety.

Take photos of the cookies ahead of time. Then show the pictures to friends, family and neighbors and ask them to pick the cookie variety they like to eat. Remember, to tell them how their donation can help provide a cure.

Another profitable option

In this twist you can sell gourmet cookie dough instead of making the cookies yourself. The cookie dough is already made and you don’t have to do any mixing or baking! Just collect orders. Tead more about cookie dough fundraising for cancer here.

Advertise your cookies for a cure event

Remember to take plenty of photos and videos for your campaign. Remember to use every form of marketing possible including:

  • Face book and facebook groups. Ask your supporters to spread the word about your cookie extravaganza. Share photos, videos, testimonials and reviews.
  • Any other social media site you like to use. Think about instagram, pinterest. tik tok and snapchat.
  • Send texts and emails to friends about your big event.
  • Talk to people face to face.

Final words of encouragement

This sin’t about selling cookies. It is about saving kids lives. So tell your big story and get people emotionally involved. Help them see the big picture. If they tell you they doin’t eat cookies.. Tell them “GREAT”! We accept outright donations to help the kids.

Additionally, ask them to “GIFT” cookies to friends and family in their NAME. So they get to help the kids and give a gift to someone they love at the same time.